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Mckenzie Frankel

Mckenzie Frankel_photo

Entrust Financial, LLC

Mckenzie Frankel is a Partner at Entrust Financial, LLC. She helps successful individuals and families achieve all that is important to them. She has a unique expertise in assisting successful women business owners and their families. Together with her team members, she helps clients address their largest concerns: preserving their wealth, mitigating taxes, taking care of their heirs, and charitable giving.

Mckenzie has a strong commitment to helping clients create, preserve, and transfer wealth. She takes the time to develop a deep understanding of each client’s interests and needs. She and her team then design an investment plan to help her clients achieve their goals and aspirations. Once the investment plan is in place, she acts as their personal chief financial officer and addresses the additional components of her clients’ financial picture as needed.

Successful individuals and families work with Mckenzie to:

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive wealth management plan to help them achieve everything that is important to them.
  • Make smarter decisions about their money and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Obtain peace of mind, so that they can focus on what they love.

Mckenzie is no stranger to the discipline, patience, and long-term perspective required of investors, and practices this philosophy in all aspects of life (financial and non-financial venues). She regularly attends advanced Yoga classes, and is an avid runner. She believes that slow and steady wins
the race.