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Bryan LeBlanc

LeBlanc, Bryan_photo

Principal & Founder
Seven Stones Consulting

Bryan LeBlanc is the Principal and Founder of Seven Stones Consulting, a practice providing fractional-CIO and management consulting services to companies looking to improve efficiencies and create market opportunities. Bringing great depth in both technology and business operations, Bryan brings an executive perspective to applying modern methods and tools to strategy, process improvement, product evolution and talent development.

Seven Stones Consulting recognizes the lure and hype of buzz words and abbreviations famously surrounding all the latest technologies. Practically every company is now technology-enabled if not technology-focused. Seven Stones Consulting returns to business fundamentals before adding layers of circuits and software to reach new levels of market penetration and operational productivity.

Prior to starting Seven Stones Consulting, Bryan has been in both consulting and leadership rolls from start-up organizations to Fortune 500 enterprises. This breadth of knowledge has crossed numerous industries from insurance and banking to consumer products and broadcast production. These experiences always balance between the possible and the feasible – leveraging the wonders of technology to achieve unsurpassed business growth and opportunity.

Bryan believes it is most important to understand the business first. The time invested in fully grasping the targets of the business both market and revenues ultimately lead to the proper application of software and automation. Too often, companies either jump on the next bandwagon or remain steadfast in their ways – both detrimental to long term outlook.

Bryan holds a degree in Biomedical Engineering, but has also studied a wide scope of interests from travel, music, fitness and wellness.